The One and Only Interview of Michael Jackson’s Youngest Son


He was taught to be smart.

Michael Jackson. What is he famous for? Several dozen plastic surgeries; world-famous hits, such as: “Billie Jean”, “Give in to Me”, “Black or White”, “Who Is It”, “Thriller” and many others; his philanthropy; accusations of molestation of minors; the title of “Most Successful Artist of All Time”.

And many many other things can tell about his personality. Michael was the seventh of nine children of Joseph and Catherine Jackson. We don’t know much about the early childhood of the future music legend. Discipline in the Jackson family was quite strict and ruled by his father.

Strictness may seem necessary in such large families, but much later the singer claimed that their father was a tyrant, he could humiliate children morally and physically. And Joseph Jackson himself admitted in an interview in the 2000s that he had beaten children, including Michael. It seems strange that in the midst of such tyranny, The Jackson 5 was able to form and even be popular for many years.

The father united his five sons into a musical group. And although Michael was the youngest in the group, his talents quickly became apparent. A black boy with a charming voice simply fascinated the audience, and his innate charm allowed him to compete with even professional entertainers.

Everyone goes their own way to fame in their own way, and the “Five Jacksons” have participated in various competitions, won them. And so, in the late 1960s, Motown Records signed a contract with a boy band. It was with this record company that the band released their main hits, with which it was at the peak of popularity during the 1970s.

His life was full of moments that common people can’t even think about. He’s a legend and we will remember him forever. He had beautiful children who will continue his art. The youngest son gives his very first interview in the video below.