The Funniest Moments From “The Golden Girls” That Will Make Your Day


Sophia with the butcher knife is a classic moment.

Sitcom from English sitcom means situation comedy is a very popular genre of humorous series. In fact, the term “sitcom” is translated from English as “situational comedy” or, if you like, situation comedy. The genre of situational comedy originated in the distant twenties of last century in North America.

The pioneer of this genre is usually considered to be the entertainment show “Sam and Henry”, which broke into the air of Chicago radio station WGN in 1926. In 1928, the show “Amos & Andy” appeared on CBS radio, which eclipsed the ratings of its predecessor and became the favorite sitcom of Americans in the 20s and 30s.

With the widespread use of television, the genre of situational comedy has found its second birth. When the comedy “I Love Lucy” appeared on television in 1951, the name sitcom was forever attached to humorous television series. In short, a sitcom is an entertaining television series that is usually very easy to recognize by several distinguishing features.

The classic business card of a sitcom is laughter behind the scenes. He first appeared in the comedy series “I love Lucy” and has since become a very common attribute of situational comedy. However, lately behind the scenes laughter has become annoying to viewers and it is increasingly no longer inserted into the series.

Each episode of the series usually lasts about 22 minutes and is interrupted by two four-minute commercials. Three awesome elderly and very cute women live together in a in Miami, Florida. Beautiful Blanche who is a widow, met another one whose name is Rose. Also you meet Dorothy there. They joined Sophia and the party begins!

The funniest situations and different difficulties. This show always knew how to put a big smile on people’s faces. Let’s watch one of the funniest episodes below.