The Avett Brothers Deliver Emotional Acoustic Song That Touches Soul


I’ve listened to it a hundred times and it gets better every time.

Well, hello my friends! And today you’re going to see the touching duo of brothers that performs incredible song that will touch your soul for sure! What is good music? Music is everywhere. It helps people to find peace and forget about stress situation in the Life. It helps to remember things and keep good memories in our soul.

Today are going to see the video that shows what good music really is. The duo is called The Avett Brothers. And the song is “Victory”. Moving lyrics, smooth voice are exactly what you need right now. Two handsome man named Scott and Seth will bring you true emotions. They play music in folk rock style.

This music style combines folklore with rock. Folk rock can extent use the characteristics of folk music, including its instruments and manner of performance, but is more aggressive and energetic, and the use of electronic instruments typical of the rock. The style was born in the United States and Great Britain in the mid-1960s.

The first who discovered the style was band from Los Angeles called The Byrds, which begins performing American folk music and Bob Dylan songs in typical rock instrumentation, The Beatles had an incredible influence on the band. The word combination like “folk rock” first appeared in the American in summer 1965 to tell about The Byrds’ first album.

The repertoire of most folk-rock performers includes both folk songs and songs by performers such as Dylan. The musical content of the style is expressed by a strong vocal component and, relatively, “pure” approach to the use of electric guitars.Among the famous representatives of folk rock in English-speaking countries, many performers are known to us.

The video below will show you two amazing brothers that sing in this style of music. You will get to know better with the song. Good melody and the voices sounds perfectly with it! So don’t hesitate any minute and press the play button to enjoy the music!