Tank the Bully Sings Along to His Favorite Song and It’s the Cutest Thing I Saw Today!


So cute!

Tank the Bully is the hero of the video that got him fame on the social accounts. You will soon receive proof that the dog does not need any additional introductions. He is the star in his own right, and when he appears on the screen, you know that you are going to love him even more. His owner claims that the little one is a big fan of music.

He would use every opportunity to show off his singing abilities, and we should not underestimate the fellows as he appears in the room and belts out the words of his favorite composition. This dog belongs on a talent show, and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that he wins everyone’s heart in a matter of seconds.

He is the epitome of adorable, and it is no wonder that so many fans suggest that Tank has to enter the talent competition around the country as soon as possible. However, the singing this pooch does on camera does have limits. The owner assumes that the dog refuses to pick from the modern hits.

He cannot stand the contemporary tunes and would only show his vocals when his favorite hit appears on the radio. We are talking about a song by Chris Stapleton. This is certainly one of the most renowned compositions by the performer, and when the first notes are playing in the background, the pooch is already anxious.

He shows his anticipation in every way possible, and we are here to convince you that the dogs are indeed excellent performers if you give them a chance and allow the little ones to display their talents to the full. Tank the Bully reveals his potential on the spot, and the viewers are certain that he hits the notes almost every time.

You will agree that this is an unusual dog, and though some of the people doubted his ability to perform in the first place, the pup convinced everyone that he is singing along his favorite tune with dedication that can be rarely found among the pets. Check out the composition below and prepare to be smitten, because Tank shows off his vocals that are truly amazing. He won’t ever stop when the tune is on!