I had a talent. Talent to manage and sell.


When I was kid, I asked my dad to buy me a lot of pencils for approximately 1$. Why I did it? That’s a funny story.

I loved to tell other kids, that these pencils are lucky, that it’s gonna help them with a maths tests(but only once). They believed me and I sell them pencils for 3 dollars every test. I loved it. I loved profit. I had many such missions, as well as ideas.

Some times later, when I became older, I needed money for the dress(awesome dress), which I really liked but it was too expensive for my parents. So, I decided to earn some money without any effort like in childhood. I said girls, that I will help them to conquer the guys hearts. I told them, that I would talk with guys and tell them about girls. I took 10 bucks for it.

“People are so stupid “-I thought. I needed 100 dollars for buying the dress, but thanks luck, we have 20 girls in the class. At that moment I realized that this is really my purpose. This is definitely what I wanted and what I currently want. Make money without doing anything. Easy way.

I finished school and went to college of Economics. It was the time when I studied all the intricacies of the business and all importance of this process.

After some time of studying, we were offered to work in the company for practicing our knowledge and skills in this area. I was invited to the advertising company. I came, looked at those people, who do not know how to work and I began to solve their problems. I raised their company’s profit by 5%, I attracted a large audience to use the services of this company, I kept the audience and the most important part I became the owner of this company. The last owner didn’t even blink when I offered him a penny for his company. He did not know about the results of my work and resigned himself to the fact, that the company was at the bottom.

I finished college and started creating of my own idea for the future company. I decided to open a factory for the manufacture of wooden products for life. I also expressed my idea to get rid of plastic and came up with convenient paper bags.

I had to be confident and persistent. I was. What now? I am the owner of my own business.