Sweet Couple Stephen And Chandrae Show the Highest Level Of Professionalism While Dancing!


Real dance routine! So fast!

University shag is an accomplice move, having a place with the gathering of swing moves, that started in the 1930’s. It is known for its hoppy fundamental advance and its vivacious footwork. Once upon a time, the move was frequently done by understudies, subsequently its name. And there are really talented two people who will surprise you very much.

The swing Dance it is like their life, and when person is totally in one thing, she can do it wonderful. So, adorable dancers Chanzie and Stephan. After that vocation in cutting edge aerobatic, Chanzie got her begin in modern moving at Dance Vision in Portland, Oregon.

It wasn’t some time before she was conceded a grant to The Hollywood Performing Arts Center , and she at last graduated their expert program , represent considerable authority in different styles of dance..

As of late, Chanzie finished work on a noteworthy movie named “Criminal Squad”, where she meet and start to performed with Stephen Sayer. Chanzie discovered her “Intimate romance” in the move world: Swing Dancing. About her we can say that she is energetic about each vintage style under the umbrella of swing and saving it’s history.

Stephen Sayer is an artist/educator who is devoted to saving the considerable American accomplice jazz moves of the middle of XX. Experiencing passionate feelings for lindy jump and a lot of moves of the swing period he headed out toward the east and west-coasts to move, consider and take in the diverse styles .

Today Steve shows week by week in North Hollywood and has begun the California Jubilee execution groups. He is focused on enhancing and pushing the points of confinement by himself moving and in addition the individuals who chose him like a trainer.

His focal point of association which include accomplice and songs and melodies are what makes his moving and showing so novel.