Stubborn Husky Asks His Mom For Water In the Most Hilarious Way


This made my day. Very funny.

Huskies are not small and not big with a great fur, with a pointed snout and have incredibly beautiful eyes color of almond. They are amazingly hardy and brave. For several centuries, huskies have served the Eskimos people that lived in the North. Today, we can keep these animals at our homes.

Huskies belong to a number of predators, as do other dogs and their ancestral wolves. He is a skilled and agile hunter, but now the main part of the husky’s food comes from the owner that he lives with. Humans feed these dogs the meat of reindeer, walruses, seals and fish.

People would never survive in Arctic villages if they had not been helped by huskies. Sledges are a necessary mode of transport, without which a person would be cut off from the world. Huskies are not always strictly disciplined but polar explorers still rely on them in their campaigns.

For many generations, these dogs have been used as riding animals. They coped well with the transportation of goods on ice and snow. Canadian police use huskies during rescue operations when one of the people is in danger. These dogs took part in expeditions to the islands of Iceland, Greenland and North America.

Dogs were parachuted to rescue those trapped in the snow or people injured in plane crashes. Nowadays, huskies are participants in sports competitions and toboggan races. Up to 16 dogs are harnessed to sledges at competitions.

Despite their small stature and weight, these dogs are very hardy, but to maintain good “performance” during parking they need to be well fed. their feeding. They make sure that the animals receive in the right proportions proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, mainly calcium and iron.

They can be pretty stubborn, especially if it goes about the food. Let’s watch the hilarious video. This will made your day.