Sting Delivers a Sensual Rendition of “Every Breath you Take”


This man is aging like fine wine.

Sting is one of those artists who can sing anything and will sound perfect. He has an incredible talent and we love his music for were many years in a row! He has something special in his songs and lyrics that makes you feel calm and peace. He is not just a good musician but a good father and person.

Here you will find some good facts about the singer. Philanthropist, environmentalist and wonderful father of six children, this is how you know him, Sting! A very accurate quote about Sting’s work has been spreading on the Internet for a long time: “There is no person in the world who doesn’t love Sting’s songs, there are only those who just haven’t heard them.”

And it’s true. More than one generation of music lovers has grown up on Sting’s cult songs, who continue to sing his hits in sensual covers. Sting’s real name is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, but his stage “pseudo” has forever remained in the music charts and playlists of millions of fans.

Sting grew up in a port town in the UK and has been interested in music since childhood. He was looking forward to the musicians, who were always invited to the solemn launch of a new ship, and also had his musical idols, whose work he admired. Who knows if we would have been able to hear Sting’s voice today if he hadn’t chosen the “path” of the artist.

After graduating from high school, Sting worked for some time as a conductor, tax inspector and internship, working at the school as an English teacher. But while working as a teacher, he realized that music was his main passion. He tried his hand at Newcastle Big Band, Phoenix Jazzmen, Last Exit and in the latter “made his way” to London.

Let’s watch the beautiful performance in the video below. Sting sings the famous song called Every Breath You Take and of course it sounds like paradise!