Southwest Flight Attendant Marty Makes Passengers’ Flight Unforgettable.


I wish I could be on that plane!

You will ask why, the answer is very simple. Many people are afraid and don’t like to fly on airplanes because of frequents checks, turbulence, strange smell in the air, lots of strangers stuck in a metal tube flying too high up in the sky.

All combine to make a petrifying experience. They just went into it and are already nervous. Although everyone says “Everything will be fine” but you read before this statistics. And at the moment when the safety rules are told you are so nervous that you are ready to run out of the plane.

It is at this moment that a person needs to relax and try to distract. So the character of our video did. The rules of safety are enough boring. And there are people who decide that he or she doesn’t need to listen to them.

Here are also people who which start to panic and think something like “suddenly they are useful to us and the plane will fall.” Marty Cobb is woman who makes everyone in the plane smile in this moment. She talks about the importance of keeping your seat-belt on when the indicator is illuminated; then they inform how the belt should fit.

After that, they instruct passengers on how to fit themselves with overhead air masks and go on to help small children who can’t do so and just jokes between the rules, which improves the atmosphere and you do not think about dropping an airplane and just remembering the rules and laughing.

Also a big plus is that they become interesting for everyone. Because who does not want to laugh and cheer yourself up. And now watch the video and think about would you like to be on Marty’s fight?

After all, her mood is transmitted to you during the flight, and this not only eliminates the fear of flying, but will please you!