Son Surprises Parents by Paying Off Their Mortgage for Christmas. Watch This Priceless Moment


They must be so proud!

Kris Kawasaki wanted to give his parents something they would remember, and when he announced that he already bought the presents for Christmas, the family members were certain that the young man purchased the latest MacBook by Apple.

They saw the logo and were instantly convinced that this was their ultimate gift for the holiday. However, Kris soon proved that he can do more than that as he collected money to pay off the family’s mortgage.

He has been waiting for this moment to arrive ever since he started earning cash, and though he knew that he had to keep it secret, he could not hold back the feelings when his mom and dad unpacked the box. Inside was a note that said that their loan has been paid off. Now, they are the lawful owners of the property that they have been struggling to purchase.

Kris shares the wonderful moment with the viewers, and there is no way you can miss the footage. The man’s parents are standing right in front of him, and since they have no idea about the contents of the box, it comes as the big surprise for the two.

This is a perfect video to get those Christmas vibes going, and the vlogger suggests that all the viewers should do the same, given the opportunity. The reaction of his dearest people is priceless, and once mom starts hugging Kris after receiving news about the loan, the audience is ready to melt into the puddle of butter.

The young man managed to keep his intentions hidden from the family and revealed the secret only when it was time to unpack the presents. This is one of those tapes that get straight to your heart, and if you have been looking for a heartwarming video to start your day with, you do not need to scroll down through the news feed anymore.

Kris told his followers that he has been planning to present the gift earlier this year but then decided that he would save the surprise for Christmas. This is a scene that you are going to remember for a long time, and you can’t ignore the reaction of the man’s parents once they learn about the gift. It is no wonder that the episode gained appreciation!