Son Surprises Mom with Her Dream Car and Her Reaction Will Bring Tears of Joy to Your Eyes! Watch


Oh, what a great son!

Corey Wadden knew that his mom is dreaming of getting a car, that’s why he decided to give one to his beloved family member and surprise her with the unusual present. The young man told the audience that his mom used to work as a housekeeper.

Back in the day, the owner of the house would give her the keys to his Saab that was popular in the 1970s and asked the lady to move it around so that the automobile remained in a great condition. It was the first time Mrs. Wadden spotted the car, but she knew that this was love at first sight.

Corey found out that his mom was struggling to find something that would bring joy to her life, that’s why he decided to give her the present that will become a source of positive emotions. Since the model of the car and the type of the engine were rare to find, the young man began surfing the web in hopes that some of the lovers of the old school vehicles would have the car for sale.

When he thought that he needs to contact his friends because Saab was nowhere to be located, he saw a media user on eBay who claimed that he had the silver car at his disposal. After calling him and talking to the guy for some time, Corey found out that the man indeed has the collection of vehicles that can impress even the most sophisticated owners around the world.

Without further ado, Madden met up with the guy and told him about the present that he is planning to give to his mom. She thinks that she is taking part in the documentary movie that is being recorded by her son.

He didn’t tell her about the purchase, so when she comes down the stairs and sees the car outside, she is speechless. The moving scene will put a smile on your face, and we think that you need to check out the reaction of the lady who realized that she can now drive the car of her dreams.

She did not expect to receive it as a present, but when it happened, she could not hide her emotions anymore. This was the gift of a lifetime, and the clip will remind you about the importance of a well-timed present that can make us feel happier in an instant!