Snoop And Martha Stewart Play “Never Have I Ever” on Ellen Show. Hilarious!


Funny compilation!

“Never Have I Ever” is a game that is definitely loved by Ellen. However, you might get controversial emotions from celebrities if you ask them how they feel about it. Many Celebrities forced to reveal their darkest and funniest secrets when they came on the program and the host gave them the flashcards with the words “I Have” and “I Have Never” written on them.

Thanks to this game, we can find out that some celebrities were caught by the police and all the stars lied to the cops. Also, the girls sex-symbols of the country, for example Rihanna, sent their nude selfie in messages. Channing Tatum, the main character of the famous American comedy “21 Jump Street” confessed that he was dancing dirty dances with his dog in the lift and likes to sleep naked.

Some stars were asked if they had sex with their fans. Ludacris admitted without hesitation, and Chelsea Handler says that it’s just that none of the guys said he was her fan.

Just Rihanna and Jared Leto admitted that sending dirty messages wrong people. Many celebrities googled themselves to learn something new about their personality. And on the question “Never have i ever spanked a cat?” Ellen also answered that such things happened, but she justifies that her cat likes it.

When she asked if they lied by answering Ellen’s questions in this game, then the stars without hesitation showed the card “I Have Never”. This and many other funny and frank information you can learn about celebrities by watching the video below.

Ellen prepared a pretty challenging game for them, and the replies that you are going to witness after you press play are nothing short of hilarious. You have to love celebrities who are very honest in their personal lives and are not afraid of criticism.

We are all human beings and each of us has had stupid cases in life.