Singing Trio Audition Has Simon Dancing In His Seat! They Are Amazing!


Though for them in doesn’t matter and they did not pay attention to how old are they. And they carefully treat their style. Their story really touched everyone’s heart, as they are really admirable due to the fact that they do not giving up their dreams over 50 years being together that is just wow.

Their voices are so beautiful to convey the performance with full of emotions and feelings. Hope they’ll go far. «Never stop dreaming” is right! Despite their age, they did great but I feel like this song belongs to The Craig Lewis Band, one of my all-time favorites.

Pure talent. The lyrics, the vocals and the instrumentals all worked perfectly together with soul so powerful I felt it in mine. Not many musical acts at all make me feel so moved. I sincerely hope these guys make it very far, they more than deserve it on talent alone, much less that inhuman perseverance.

Over 50 years without a big break and they’re still moving with such passion and positivity. This is really worth watching and sharing with your friends.