Singing Trio Audition Has Simon Dancing In His Seat! They Are Amazing!


50 years of perfection! Really old school. I could hear this all day.

Nowadays, there are a lot of talents. There many people who move with the times, who reinvent the wheel and reach new accomplishment and this is really success. They discover new unknown songs, poems, scenarios, and others. But these three guys have impressed everyone a lot. They did impossible just wowing the people with classic.

It seems to me that all present think over the fact what do the simple old men can do in order to impress the public. But they really did their best. The Masqueraders performed the famous song “I Ain’t Got To Love Nobody Else”, the audience did not expected that to sing so perfect in their acting.

Undeniably, they were selected to perform in the next audition. As we know from the interview there was not their first time they performed on the stage.

Earlier they had lots of famous hits and sang perfectly. They lived through many difficulties and obstacles on their way. By the way, they saved their power and ability, notwithstanding their age.