Shy Librarian Gets an Eye-Popping Makeover and You’ve Got to See How Beautiful She Is!


Two different persons!

Elizabeth is a librarian from Connecticut who came on the Rachael Ray show to receive a makeover of a lifetime. Working at a local school and managing six pets at home, the lady feels like she does not have enough time to look after herself and dedicate hours to the makeover procedures.

After she witnessed her friend Wendy getting a transformation from the stylists on the show and changing her life for the better, she started hoping that the same can be done in terms of her own looks. Though Elizabeth has gorgeous hair, she admits that she has not cut in a long time and possibly requires trimming her ends in order to look more fashionable.

The stylists decide to change the conservative look of a librarian, who loves wearing simple clothes and chooses the pieces that do not demand too much planning. Elizabeth states that she is used to her traditional choice in outfits, but wishes to become a little bolder in terms of general appearance. When she appears in the studio after a few hours of a makeover, the audience members are watching her in awe.

This is not the person that she used to be, and you will agree that the transformation is complete the second you see the hero of the episode on the screen. This is the scene that we have been waiting for, and the image of a librarian is now falling to pieces as the lady introduces a new type of librarian we have never heard of.

You will be delighted to discover the makeover that became the center of attention for all the audience members around the world and earned her a lot of comments on social media. Elizabeth is now ready to celebrate a new era in life as one of the showrunners drops her microphone to show that is smitten with the transformation.

The team of stylists has worked really hard to achieve the effect, and now, the lady is taking over the world with the haircut that is both stylish and elegant. She has definitely found her style, and we are here to see the makeover being a success among the audience. We believe that this transformation deserves to be appreciated!