Senior Couple Burns the Stage With Their Hot Jive. Just Brilliant.


My goodness that’s so awesome!

Jive is one of the dances of the Latin American program in ballroom dancing competitions. In competitions, the jive is usually performed last, and dancers must be strong to stay in good physical and emotional shape until the last dance. Place and time of birth of jive is the middle of the nineteenth century, the southeastern United States.

It is believed that jive evolved from swing (sometimes even called the international version of swing dance). Jive is much older than swing, and by the end of the nineteenth century there was something like a competition in different communities. Like other dances in the competition program, jive is a couple dance.

At the heart of the jive are steps composed of fast syncopated chassis left and right, followed by a slower step back and a U-turn. The rotation of the thighs is characteristic, the center of gravity is shifted forward. The peculiarity of jive is that it can be danced in a small crowded room, for example, at a disco or party.

The modern version of jive acquired its form only after the Second World War. The dance is considered complex due to its sharp differences from other dances of the Latin American program. Modern jive still has Bunny Hug as one of the main steps. It’s the same chassis sideways – when a rabbit or hare is scared, it jumps sideways.

Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breath. This is the rhythm of your life. It is an expression in time and movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy. According to historical records, dance has always existed.

Initially, various gods were danced to dance to the music of wind or rain. Eventually, the dance became more widespread, thanks to which people rested from their problems. This art form has developed rapidly, and today more than 250 types of dance are known.

Watch the amazing video. This couple proves that age is just a number.