Seemingly Overweight Dancer Blows Audience Away With Epic Swing Routine


Fantastic dancing! Great music

We are all taught not to judge other people by their appearance. But, in spite of this, prejudices are spread all over the world. John Lindo was used to being constantly called “fat.” Naturally, he does not look like a typical dancer. But now that he came on the stage. It is safe to say that it is prepared much better than those people on the body who do not have a gram of excess weight! Watch how the couple supplements each other so impeccably!

How nimbly he whirls the woman and the way she falls into his arms, it’s simply so splendid! John may not resemble the normal swing artist, but rather then with gobs of certainty and ability, he is no standard swing artist.

This is John Lindo. He is broad-shouldered, tall man with extra pounds on his stomach. Because of his appearance, John has been dealing with prejudices for several years. But this is a great dancer!

When John and his dance partner stepped onto the dance floor, at first, naturally, only smirks were heard. But when he and Stephanie took their first steps, the audience just watched them, wide-eyed.

This is an awesome clasp from a 2008 West Coast Swing contest. While you may not expect much from the couple that exits onto the move floor, looks can be misdirecting. What you’ll see will help get your free day on the correct begin.

John has more rhythm and great dancers instincts that most of the pros out there that just do advanced patterns. When he pairs with someone like Stephanie, also with great instincts, then magic happens.

John hits the dance floor with a unique appeal and he compliments Stephanie’s moving consummately. He knows so well how to lead her amid the move that each move step and each development is executed with a stunning instinctive nature.

As should be obvious in the video, their execution shocked everyone, and them two were valued and compensated with a long adulation. It’s difficult to realize that a moving couple can be such an impeccable match. This is really a reminder that you can never judge a book by its cover!