Sassy Granny Wins the Internet as She Rewrites ‘I Fall to Pieces’ and Dedicates It to Seniors. Watch


God bless this amazing woman!

Patsy Cline used to perform a hit that was known as “I Fall to Pieces”, but now, it is time for us to watch Grandma Vera taking charge of the composition and present a cover that made the seniors at the retirement center laugh out loud for hours on end.

Ever since the lady’s family posted the funny footage on the social channels, the public had been flooding the comment section and saying that the woman has a right to take part in the talent shows around the country. She is so hilarious that you will agree this rendition belongs in the news.

She takes the same songs and changes the lyrics so that may resemble a day of the typical senior for everyone to think about. Before she launches into rendition itself, Vera has an announcement for all the young people out there, who think that all age and golden years are a piece of cake. She adds that you should not believe the rumors and the older people are definitely falling to pieces.

The parody song has a secret, though, encouraging the seniors to stay alert whenever they decide that it is time to explore other aspects of the composition. Though the words may seem a bit depressing and truthful from the start, the way of rendering the message to the audience will definitely put a smile on your face. Prepare to be smitten by the hit that was released by Grandmother Vera.

She told the reporters that she did not expect to have success overnight, but once she learned that the viewers are accepting her with open heart, she promised them to write another rendition that would be optimistic and honest and the same time. If you are looking through the news feed and searching for something that would improve your mood for the entire week, we think that we know what you should watch in the first place.

The rendition has been a huge success among the viewers, which makes us believe that Vera is another star on the rise that needs to be praised by the general public. Watch her below for a cover that makes the audience laugh for hours on end!