Salon in San Leandro Grooms Pets to Look Like Wild Animals. Watch the Video.


They look so cute! 

Today, pets occupy a special niche in society and it is already difficult to imagine life without them. Do you agree with me? Let’s talk about the most common pets, to which we are all accustomed since they have lived too long with us. Their presence can hardly surprise anyone. Every second family owns a graceful cat or a mangy dog. Who among us does not dream of a fluffy and loyal pet who will respond to our love with the same affection?

If you decide to have a cat or a dog, then think carefully about whether you are ready to take responsibility for the animal. Animals are not a toy. They need good care, proper nutrition, and our affection. It turns out that today you can take care of your pet in special beauty salons for animals. Nowadays, they are very popular.

Because the key to good health is not only proper nutrition and walking in the park, but a comprehensive care for the hair, teeth, claws, eyes. Not everyone will be able to put the animal in order. And not everyone has time for this. There are specially trained people in the salon. They are groomers.

These people know how to find an individual approach to each animal and know their psychology. Highly qualified specialists will select the necessary complex of services for a specific case. Almost all dogs and cats need constant washing, haircut, combing. The longer the coat, the more difficult it is to take care of it. You can choose the creative coloring of your pet, shine-tattoo, décor on wool, the decorative covering of claws or insert earrings in the ears, make professional massage, manicure and hair removal.

There are salons where a variety of SPA-procedures for animals are offered. There are a lot of clients for such salons and it is always necessary to register in advance. Beauty salon for animals is recommended to visit several times a month. And if your pet visits exhibitions, then he should visit the groomer every week.

After visiting such places, the pet will be simply impeccable, healthy and have a well-groomed appearance. Today I want to tell you about a young woman who provides such services to animals. Katrina Short is an owner of a pet beauty salon. She has been grooming pets for 15 years. The woman specializes in special kind of grooming.

Katrina always wanted to work with animals. The results of her work you can see in the video below. Her lovely pets are glamorously groomed to look like wild animals. The most interesting thing is that pets really like what happens to them. They lie quietly on procedures and even do not try to escape or bite the master.

I’m sure that you have not seen these animals in such appearance! It looks very unusual. Be sure to watch the clip. Perhaps you will like this creative idea. And maybe one day you will change the style of your four-legged friend.