Robert Irwin Turned His Sister’s Photo With Husband into a Full Family Affair.


This family is so kind and well-mannered.

Recently Robert Irwin, who is known to us for being the son of the famous alligator catcher Steve Irwin, turned the last photo of his sister into something incredibly funny! His sister Bindi is 28 weeks pregnant. They are expecting their first child with her husband. She posted this funny photo on her social network Instagram. She and her husband Chandler stand against a beautiful background.

However, Robert decided to ruin the photo with his funny face. 22-year-old girl signed the photo: Robert you make all the photos better And I love you! After the photo appeared on social networks, fans immediately noticed that the seventeen-year-old guy incredibly similar to his father, like two drops of water! A lot of comments fell under the post on Instagram. We all know that Steve Irwin died when he was 44 years old.

It happened in 2006. Then the children were very small. Steve would be proud of his children. Young naturalist Robert Irwin also recreated the legendary picture of his father with a koala. Despite the guy’s adolescence, many users recognized him as a dad. But the animal lover himself does not have time to communicate on social networks: he is actively helping his native Australia to recover from the fires.

Robert Irwin is a brave 17-year-old son of Steve Irwin, TV presenter and actor, who became famous thanks to the author’s program “Crocodile Hunter”. Don’t worry, he was quite courteous with these amazing amphibians – until September 4, 2006, when at the age of 44 he died after being struck by a stingray in the heart.

At that time, Bobby was only two years old but then 14 passed and the proud son grew up noticeably, and in July 2019 he already dared to feed the crocodile, which Steve fed in 2004. Robert is incredibly similar to his father, how do you think?

Click on the video below and watch the report that will prove you the similarities between Steve and Robert.