Top 10 richest states in the USA. Who is first?


USA is a huge free and very rich country, a world leader in the social and various sectors of the economy.

The income of the region is usually determined by the incomes of the population and the main economic indicators.

1. California. It is the richest state in the country. 80 billionaires and more than 600 thousand millionaires live here. This state even surpassed Britain in financial development.

2. New-York. The largest city in the USA. New York, along with London and Tokyo, is called one of the three main centers of the global economy. New York is the most important financial center of the country and the world. Financial institutions located in the city, at the end of 2008 controlled up to 40% of world finances.

3. Colorado. Here the food industry and services are very developed. Economic indicators are growing in such important sectors as chemical and mechanical engineering. The mining of precious metals is developing rapidly. By the way, the state is a leader in the production of alcoholic beverages.

4. Texas. One of the most powerful and largest with a rapidly growing level of development, state. Texas has more than $ 100 billion worth of trade with other states. Among the state’s largest and most fundamental industries is farming, with more than 16 million cattle. Texas is the main center for the development of computer components and systems, as well as software in the country.

5. New Jersey. This is northeastern state. Five counties in this state are among the highest income counties in the United States.

6. Connecticut. The total gross product for 2010 amounted to $ 237 billion.However, there is a big difference in state income. For example, New Keynan has one of the highest incomes in America, while Hartford is one of the ten cities with the lowest incomes in America.

7. Florida. 3rd most populous US state (after California and Texas). Florida’s GDP is $ 776.3 billion – 4th place in the US. Which is comparable to the GDP of a country like Australia. Florida is a leading US citrus producer.Another important state crop is tobacco and sugarcane.

8. Georgia. The fourth state, that signed the United States Constitution in 1788. If Georgia was an independent country, it would be the 28th largest economy in the world. Because of this convenient geographical location at the crossroads of important communications, Atlanta is a major transportation and industrial center and a communications center.

9. Maryland. To a large extent, Maryland’s modern economy depends from services, transportation, construction, and information technology. In addition, many federal organizations are housed in Maryland, in particular NASA and the National Security Agency (NSA).

10. North Dakota. This is an agricultural state. Plant growing and animal husbandry are the main industries. Dakota has the largest agricultural machinery company in the United States. Also, here were discovered oil field. State is first in brown coal deposits.
Each state has its own feature and advantage. Of course, there are states in which the economy is better developed than in the rest, but each state is beautiful in its own way.