Retired Schoolteacher Spends His Golden Years By Bringing People The Joy of Reading


Good way of retirement.

The library is a place where books live. And they live thanks to the visitors, passing from hand to hand. The first library, which kept clay tablets with certain information, appeared in 2500 BC in the Ancient East. Today, libraries are the usual “home” of books for every city or village. But there are also some unusual, special, creative libraries in the world.

Traveling on a tricycle, former teacher Antonio La Cava promotes reading books among children of all ages. For more than 10 years he has been continuously performing this kind of ritual. In this way, Antonio helps children from the poorest provinces of Italy, whose parents cannot buy books and whose homes do not have their own library.

Every time Antonio rushes to the next meeting with the children to see their happy smiling faces, support dreams of a better future and add confidence in their own abilities and the magical ability of books to turn knowledge into achievements.

Even during his pedagogical work, Antonio set himself the goal of doing everything for the good of children, overcoming any difficulties and regardless of his age and fatigue. After retiring, he continued to fulfill his mission and makes every effort to make it a reality.

Antonio La Cava is interested in what new children’s books are being published, and brings them to schoolchildren, encouraging them to read and, consequently, to develop themselves. In 2003, as a retiree with 42 years of experience, he managed to buy a 3-wheeled motorcycle and convert it into a kind of library on wheels.

Antonio began his journey with a collection of 700 copies of books, which today includes more than 1,000 different publications, including both modern fairy tales and classic novels for the younger generation. Every day, Antonio, who is considered by many to be a real weirdo, covers about 500 km, relying on his own money, perseverance and dedication.