Reba’s Son Asked His Girlfriend to Marry Him And She Says Yes.


Congratulations, Reba for your sons upcoming wedding!

A wedding is the most exciting, touching and beautiful day in every person’s life. Last year turned out to be difficult for many of us. It was probably one of the worst years in the entire history of mankind. Many people suffered from both illness and job loss. This year was difficult for singer Reba McEntire also. But it looks like the New Year, 2021 is coming good times for all mankind and for singer too.

Her son Shelby Blackstock made an offer to his girlfriend. And she agreed. Shelby is the only child in the singer’s family. A wonderful moment will be unforgettable for a young couple when Shelby got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend Marisa to marry him. It happened New Years Eve. Social networks are full of this moment captured in a photograph, His girlfriend calls herself a Disney princess and the proposal was made in World Disney World. Reba now will have a lot of worries How to make this wedding beautiful and unforgettable.

A wedding is the most exciting, touching and beautiful day in every person’s life. In their performance, weddings are distinguished by a wide variety: some opt for tradition, while others prefer the extravagant style of the celebration. But there is one detail that unites all weddings – this, of course, is an invariable accessory – a bouquet for the bride. A wedding celebration is an event that requires a lot of preparation.

It is necessary to think over every little thing: a dress for the bride, a suit for the groom, the place where the event will take place, the list of invited guests, the host, the holiday program. We think that this will be a wonderful event that will leave unforgettable memories in the life of the Reba’s family.

We are sure that we will repeatedly hear the stages of preparation for the wedding on TV. Press the button and watch a report that will tell you more about the wedding.