Rare Footage of Skeeter Davis Performing End of the World Live in 1962


Wonderful time the 60’s.

Love it so much American country singer Skeeter Davis herself knew how to compose songs well. However, the authorship of her most famous hit – “The End of the World” – belongs to other people – Arthur Kent and Sylvia Dee. Interestingly, Sylvia invented these sad poems at the age of 14, being impressed by the death of her father.

“The End of the World” is not a story about the Christian Apocalypse, but a metaphor for lost love and personal loss. Despite the simple words and sad message, the ballad turned out bright and beautiful. At the very end of 1962, Skeeter Davis released “The End of the World” on a single.

Ironically, the DJs didn’t like the title song at first, but the one on the back of the record. Fortunately, one DJ from New York did not turn the record, and the following week the single was sold with a circulation of 100 thousand copies. Well, in March 1963, “The End of the World” reached the 2nd position of the American pop chart. Among the country fans there were immediately irreconcilable idiots who said that Skeeter was sold to “pop”.

The singer herself believed that the success of this song will only benefit and attract the attention of new listeners to the country style. In 2001, “The End of the World” was performed at the funeral of the great guitarist and producer of this song – The Atkins couple.

And already in 2004, when Skeeter Davis was buried. This song is beautiful and wonderful and the lyrics are so gentle and the voice is so so tender that when you listen to the lyrics you imagine the end of the world but it looks good not bad.

And now let’s remember the beautiful song that warms the heart of millions people and every time will listen to that song we go back to the past and remember the good times and good memories.

So let’s watch the video live.