Rare Backstage Footage of the Greatest Concert of All Time, 1985


Watching this and see so many people who are no longer with us.

On July 13, 1985, the first of two large-scale LIVE AID music festivals took place, hosted by the famous Irish rocker-public figure Bob Geldof to help the victims of the famine in Ethiopia. A second such festival, Live 8, was hosted by Geldof 20 years later. Sometimes these events are called the largest in the history of music festivals.

The event, unprecedented in its scope at that time, took place simultaneously at 2 main stadiums – Wembley in London and John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Philadelphia. It became in many ways innovative and complex from a technical point of view: large screens hung on the stages, on which teleconferences of both stadiums with each other, as well as from other countries, periodically took place.

The concerts were broadcast on the American channel MTV, which was relatively young at that time, which burst into the top of the music show business, which after that began to further influence the format of popular music. Two additional stages of the festival were located in Melbourne, Australia and Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

The festival was attended by a huge number of performers, which could only be imagined, and also many more artists from other countries performed by teleconference. It was very difficult to single out someone, since popular representatives of virtually all pop and rock generations appeared on the stage or via teleconference.

The most “ancient” was BB King, which was broadcast from a Dutch club. Veterans of pop and rock music were interspersed on stage with a new generation at that time in the person of the barely popular Madonna, U2, Duran Duran, Paul Young, and others. Judas Priest was the hardest performing band, and the most innovative was the hip-hop pioneers Run DMC.

Watch the rare footage from backstage of one of the most legendary concerts ever!