My experience in brokerage: advice for more profit


I work as a broker for approximately 3 years. So, who is a broker? Broker is a person, but most often it is a company, that makes a deal between a buyer and a seller. After transaction broker receives a commission.

Now let’s talk about the duties of this profession. What do people exactly do when they work in this area?
•conclusion of transactions in the interests of the investor
•analysis of the stock market and providing this information to the investor
•organization and storage of money and valuable documents
•consultation investors
• provision of information with the possible risks of the exchange
•development of rules for maintaining accounting registers and their compliance

Here is not the entire list of broker’s duties, but it’s considered as the most basic.
Also, there are many nuances and several rules for working as a broker.

Working as a broker is not so easy how you could think, and not everyone can cope with all these duties. Will you ask why? Because no one person, any computer or even a fortuneteller will not say, how the market will behave itself. Brokers rely only on luck.

Now I will tell you how you can earn more by working as a broker. I call it “the loop”, in what investor gets in for the first time, when he gives you money. How does it happen? It’s so easy, you can’t even imagine. Investor gives money to broker for buying shares and broker resells them. Meanwhile, the investor get his profit from resale. What about broker? He receives the commission from the sale. Why did I call it “the loop”. The secret is further.
You have to keep the investor and after the sale of shares, you need to offer him another deal. Put him in the loop. You will receive a commission from transactions and investor will be rich (on paper) but you get the real profit.

So, let’s summarize. Who are successful brokers? Successful brokers are those, who are lucky, who had a tiny amount of bad transactions.
However, for everyone success is perceived differently. For someone it’s a big profit. For another ones is the huge experience and ability to work with the market.
Brokerage is built on professionalism, on the ability to foresee.