Poor Puppy Lost in the Snake Burrow Crying for Help


Well that was hard to watch. Well done on saving that poor dog!

Hello guys and today you are going to see the unbelievable video footage that will leave you goosebumps but not because it’s awesome. Just because it’s really scared. Poor dog is crying for help because he has stuck in the snake burrow and it looks really awful. Thank god! The good people has noticed the poor pooch and came for help.

In the video below you’re going incredible rescue of the dog. We want to say you right now the dog is safe. Don’t worry please. Snakes are incredibly dangerous, so if you like to walk in the forest or in the field, you like to pick mushrooms or berries, you have to be incredibly careful.

We want to tell you some useful tips how to avoid the snake’s bite and what to do if this accident has already happened. Share it with your friends and your family! Caution is the best way to prevent snake bites. You can’t walk barefoot in the forest. If you are looking for mushrooms or berries, do not push the grass and bushes with your hands – use a stick for this.

The snake, disturbed by the stick, quickly crawls away. The snake cannot be handled. It is believed that if a snake is grabbed by the neck, then it will not be able to bite. This is a dangerous delusion and such attempts can end in disaster. jump at him is not true. If you walk past the snake without touching it, it will remain lying in place or crawl away.

But if you step on it or inadvertently grab it with your hand, it stings. Being in a state of arousal and about to bite. The snake curls up in a loop, then immediately throws the front, part of the body forward, bites and just as instantly pulls its head back.

This thrust forward, in the eyes of a frightened person, is represented by the “jump” of the snake. So the idea is that you have to be careful all the time when you’re walking in forest or field or something like this. And if you will see the snake, please don’t touch it!

Ok, now let’s watch the video of the rescue of the pooch that was saved by brave people!