Poor Dog Stuck on Ice Saved by Animal Search and Rescue Team.


Thank you, good people for rescue.

Today you will witness the incredible rescue of a dog trapped on ice. This video appeared on YouTube this Monday. Poor dog found himself all alone in a park on ice in a cold river. This organization is the only one that helps animals in its neighborhood. Perhaps, in our world there are no people who do not like animals at all.

There are those who are afraid of dogs, there are not cat lovers, there are even those who are simply not interested in keeping a parrot or a rabbit at home. But, admit, sometimes each of us wants to play with some cute pet. For those who cannot imagine a day without a furry friend nearby, there is a great opportunity to combine business with pleasure, and not only do what they love, but also earn a living from it.

Taking care of animals is perhaps the sweetest job and a wonderful pastime. Many pet owners sometimes need to leave their pet under someone’s careful supervision for a while, while the pet owner himself is away or is too busy with his work. It is important to understand that a pet is a full-fledged member of the family, whom other family members value and protect in every possible way.

Agree that few people dare to give their beloved pet to the first they come across. And this is where people come to the rescue who truly love animals and professionally and responsibly take care of them. A huge plus of this kind of work is that in order to look after animals, you do not need to be a zoologist, veterinarian or dog handler.

For a pet, the person who takes care of him is the best friend and companion, and his care and attention are priceless. So, in response to care, the animal is able to give its guardian only the brightest and kindest feelings and emotions.

Video below shows that human kindness exists and that people are not indifferent to animals the dog was taken to an animal care center for further treatment. Press the play button and enjoy the content.