Policeman Who Got Injured On Duty Proposes When He’s Released From Hospital.


This is happiness! Happy for them both.

Hello my dear friends! Today you’re going to see an incredible proposal of a brave policeman to his girlfriend. His name is Richard Hershey . He is a good cop who knows that his life is always in danger and that he should appreciate what he already has. Detective of New Jersey state and as we already told you his always in danger so in April this year he was shot when he was protecting his country.

Richard got into the hospital where he recovered and understood that he must go up to next level in his relationships with his girlfriend. So he decided to do the proposal for his girlfriend whose name is Nikki. You can re-read a lot of examples, watch dozens of videos in search of a proposal form of hand and heart to choose what attracted you the most.

And if not to repeat others who have already passed this stage, and to pick up absolutely original way? Let nothing and nothing stop lovers: after all, they sincerely hope that it is once and for all. In years to come, their adult son will also be puzzled about how to offer his beloved a hand and a heart.

And then you can show him a photo taken a quarter of a century ago in a nearby supermarket, which shows his parents immediately after the declaration of love … The brave detective spend in the hospital 11 days and his future wife couldn’t come to see him because of the pandemic.

When he finally got free she was so excited to have him again but the moment of happiness has change with tears. When he got down on one knee. Of course that two years was the tears of happiness

! Love… how much in this word. We will try to explain to you what love is! Each of us understands love differently. Well the proposal is one of the most extreme moments in the life of any woman. It will never be forgotten because it’s a special thing!

Let’s watch the video below!