Perfection! Kylie Minogue Performs “Islands in The Stream” by Dolly Parton


Really good performance. She’s a queen.

Now we need a duet with Dolly. Kylie Ann was born on May 28 in the capital of Australia – Melbourne. She has mainly British blood in her veins – her father was from Scotland, her mother was from South Wales. Kylie was the eldest child, and all three children in one way or another tied their fate with television: her brother found himself as a news operator and sister, Danny was hosts a TV show and sings quite successfully.

By the way, from the aboriginal name of the future star is translated as “boomerang”, and outwardly she is incredibly similar to her mother, the former dancer Carol Jones. Kylie dared to join show business as a child. But, to her surprise, she lost to her younger sister: during the audition, the producers gave preference to Danny.

However, it was not in her rules to be discouraged, so in parallel with her studies, Kylie systematically participated in casting on Australian television and received small roles in series. But the thought of a singing career did not leave her – acquaintances more than once saw how Kylie “rehearsed” using a mop as a microphone.

And in her soft soprano, there was still a place not only in her native Australia, but also in the international arena. She reached star status quickly enough, amazing others with how such a fragile blonde accommodates such a great desire to constantly improve herself, not stop in one place, change and work, work, work.

She was not afraid to experiment with music, often recorded duets with famous musicians and these compositions became almost one hundred percent hits. But in addition to music, her attention and energy were directed to other areas – perfumery, design, production, cinema. She developed, and fans hunger for details about her life and received them.

Watch her talent below! She covered famous song by Dolly Parton. Press the play button and enjoy Kylie’s voice.