Pentatonix Created a Brand New Mashup Titled “Home” and It’s Awesome.


This band is the best I’ve ever seen.

The story of “Pentatonix” begins in the assembly hall of Martin High School in Arlington, Texas in 2010, when three school friends – Kirstin Maldonado, Mitch Grassy and Scott Hoying performed for the first time at a school concert, without even suspecting that very soon their voices will be heard on all five continents.

Soon friends on the radio heard that the city is holding a music competition, the prize of which will be a meeting with the heroes of the popular show “Glee”, fans of which they were for several years. Without their own songs, they created their own remix of the popular song “Telephone” in just a few days and performed with the audience.

They did not receive the main prize then, but became famous in their hometown and became real heroes of the school. In 2010, Scott and Kirstin graduated from high school, Mitchell, or as his friends call him – Mitch, is still in school. Scott then went to the University of South Carolina to earn a bachelor’s degree in Pop Music, and Kirstin began studying at the University of Oklahoma.

Then, through mutual acquaintances, they find a well-known young singer Avriel Kaplan, or as he is called – Avi, and, a little later, through YouTube get acquainted with the work of c, who plays the cello and is engaged in beatboxing. Kevin was born in Pasadena, California, and previously graduated from Yale University School of Medicine. He is also fluent in Chinese, having spent a year studying in China.

The name “Pentatonix” was proposed by Scott in honor of pentatonic, a musical scale of five degrees. The group believes that 5 notes correspond to 5 members of the group, and the letter “x” was added for convenience.

The unique style of a cappella performance, diverse compositions and charisma of the band members – all this quickly attracted the attention of viewers and Internet users, who could watch most of the clips and live performances of the young band online.