Old Man Delivers Moving Performance of “Unchained Melody” And Wows the Judges


I have tears in my eyes.

If you really love a person, his shortcomings won’t be a problem for you. When you fall madly in love with someone, you love their soul. You accept all his imperfections and whims, because thanks to them he is the person you loved. A unique and amazing person whose soul complements your soul just as the sun complements the moon.

When you truly fall in love with another person, you fall in love with who he was before meeting you. You don’t like him because he will eventually change in the direction you want. You don’t expect him to be the person you want him to be.

You don’t want him to be any other person at all. More importantly, you will not even think of leaving him in a difficult period of the relationship. After all, you love him unconditionally, so you accept him as he is and are ready to be with him to the end. Unconditional love is not silent suffering and not waiting for the moment when your partner will change.

“Unchained melody” – “The Righteous Brothers” is one of the best song that describes love. Molly is in mortal danger. Only Sam, her recently deceased husband, who turned into a ghost after her death, can protect the girl.

“Unchained melody” is a song that is most often sung all over the world. It was performed by king of rock’n’roll Elvis Presley, incredible U2, pop icon Cindy Lupper, famous Barry Manilov and many other great musicians. But the most popular is the version of “The Righteous Brothers”, which was used in the movie “Ghost”.

Love is a source of inspiration, joy, energy, a stimulus to live and create, create and improve. It is an indescribable feeling of delight and happiness that you love and are loved! It is a desire to give joy to a loved one, to make pleasant surprises, to be around.

Let’s listen to the amazing and touching song together.