Old Cat Asks Her Owner To Turn On The Same Movie Every Day


This is her favorite! Adopting an older cat is the best thing in the world.

This story will win your heart. Today you will meet Emily and her husband who loves animals very much. The woman loves dogs more and her husband loves more cats. And one day, this couple decided to adopt a cat in a shelter but the woman still did not feel any affection for this animals. All changed that day when it was time to see a very old cat named Ella. Their first meeting was very touching, the cat ran up to Emily in the first seconds and licked her face.

And then the couple decided to bring this cat home. Even though the cat is already old age she wants spending time with her new owners. all the time. She got used to them pretty quickly. One evening a woman watched the Grinch film and she noticed that the cat also liked this film. They always watched films together in the evenings. Every time in the evening the cat asked her owner to turn on her favorite films, so that they enjoy watching together. What do you think cats really watch TV?

Cat owners, of course, noticed with what interest their pets are watching what is happening on the screen. But if you think cats are attracted simply by flickering pictures and colored spots, you are wrong. Scientists were able to find out exactly what cats see and what programs they especially like. Cats can distinguish between animate and inanimate objects on the screen.

Their vision is designed so that they focus on a moving target. But they will not mistake the falling foliage for the animal creeping through the grass. And they will be happy to “hunt” for a hare that jumps across the screen. Cats are able to distinguish living people and animals from cartoon characters.

Researchers associate this with the features of the movements of the real creature and the drawn one. Even technically flawless cartoons do not have the same smoothness, precision and speed that a living object has. But in cartoons, they enjoy watching certain colors.

Let’s watch the video below and meet the cat who really loves to watch TV.