Norma Desmond Gives Her Final Performance as She Descends into Madness.


Brilliantly acted.

Trying on the role of the main character of the film, you feel that you grow with him. Lots of storylines, different destinies and unsurpassed actors who play for real. After the final scene you start to think about the lives of minor characters. The story in the film is told in the first person.

The atmosphere of the Golden Age of Hollywood, shadows, scenery captures from the first minutes. It seems that the hero of the film is yourself or your old friend. The name “Sunset Blvd” was chosen not by chance. It literally sounds like “Boulevard of the setting sun.” The main character of the film Norma Desmond, her butler and guests who come to the house – former silent movie stars.

The heroine, played by Gloria Swenson, does not want to believe that her star time has passed. She believes that she has remained the main actress of Hollywood and wants to continue filming.

The heroine lives in a huge mansion with a servant Max, who, as it turns out during the film, was a director, but was reduced to the role of a servant. Young screenwriter Joe Gillis accidentally wanders into the house. He could not find a place in Hollywood and ran out of money.

Gilis tries to hide the car they want to take from him for debts in a deserted estate. The screenwriter settles in Norma’s house to help her finish the failed script she came up with in advance. “Sunset Blvd” was shot in the genre of noir, which was popular in the 40-50s of the twentieth century.

Films of this genre are characterized by a general atmosphere of pessimism, frustration, distrust, cynicism. The film was released in 1950 and symbolized the late noir era. The film was nominated for an Oscar in many nominations, but won only two: best scenery and best music for the film.

Let’s watch the video below and remember on of the best scene of this film.