News Anchors Can’t Stop Laughing at Falling Model and It’s So Hilarious You Can’t Miss It! Watch



We are used to the notion that the anchors on the TV screen are people, who manage to maintain a serious face even when they are faced with some challenging tasks. However, you will soon receive proof that they can be really sensitive when it comes to the subjects that can make them laugh. The episode below was featured on Channel 4 News, and the conductors are laughing out loud at the scene that took place on the runway at the Paris Fashion Show.

One of the models that presented the designer’s outfits that day could not keep her balance and went to the ground as she tried to regain control and appear calm and collected. The clothing choices were certainly controversial, and due to the uncomfortable footwear, the girl could not stand straight any longer.

The presenters are watching the episode with bated breath, but when the fall is shown in slow motion, they somehow cannot take it any longer and begin to roll with laughter as the model makes her way on stage. Of course, this is no laughing matter for the main hero of the episode, but the conductors are so amused by what is happening that they literally cannot hold themselves together.

Although they say that the original video was recorded more than five years ago and belongs in the archives of the fashion shows around the world, it still continues to circulate on the media and attract the attention of the viewers, who wish to see the conductors lose their serious demeanor in a matter of seconds.

They thought that they are going to handle it professionally, but in the end, they were forced to give up and display their reaction in front of the audience.

The episode that was done in slow motion triggered the reaction that the viewers are going to be watching on repeat, and though the clip cannot be called a brand new one, there is something about it that makes the presenters come back to the scene again and again. Press play and watch the episode below. You are going to be surprised by the tape that went viral the second it was posted!