News Anchors Can’t Stop Laughing after Seeing Model Falls on Runway Twice. Hysterical!


They couldn’t help it so did I! So funny!

News anchors are supposed to be professionals in everything that they are doing, but this time around, they could not hold back their emotions at the sight of the fashion show. The tape you are going to see next was recorded by Channel 4 News in Washington D.C. They are watching the special report from Paris Fashion Week.

The models are displaying the latest collection on the runway, but not all of them are prepared for the show. The elaborate dresses and the heels do not allow them to walk properly. One of the girls trips over right on the catwalk before going down in the footage that was previously watched by the hundreds of viewers around the world.

One of the TV presenters remarked that it seems impossible to walk in high heels, especially if you know that you are surrounded by cameras and crowds of reporters. The model was probably too stressed to be thinking about the consequences of wearing uncomfortable shoes, so she continued to pose for the photographers.

It was at this moment that the second fall occurred. When it happened for the first time, the anchors thought that they are going to discuss the entire event right from the start. However, one of the men from the studio decided that he can’t take that anymore and started laughing out loud at the sight of the lady.

Other presenters were trying to keep the report on the rails by providing the viewers with the details of the situation, but it was all in vain when they heard one of their colleagues simply losing it in the studio. He could not keep a serious face when he witnessed the moment from the catwalk, and we guess that you are going to be equally interested to learn more about the details of the notorious show.

When they say that anchors are serious people who do not have the sense of humor as they are recording the programs on the national television, you need to show them the following footage. It is unclear why the clip with the falling model caused a sensation among the presenters, but the reporter just couldn’t hold it back. Though the video was recorded a long time ago, it still continues to gain views among the audience.

Seriously, one cannot simply stop watching the program without rolling on the floor with laughter. The viewers say that the reaction of the host can make your day better, and we believe that you should be ready for any kind of unexpected issues when you watch the episode, taking place at the fashion show.

You will definitely feel sorry for the model, who could not keep her balance, wearing heels. She did her best to regain control of the situation, but ended up falling twice. This became a subject for discussion among the anchors, and we guarantee that you will be watching the tape on repeat. Get ready to witness the reaction of the TV hosts as they are talking about it in the studio!