Mother of Five Gets Ambush Makeover That Brings Her Son to Tears. Just See How Beautiful She Is!


Oh, she is amazing!

Louis Licari and Jill Martin are the constant guests on Today show. They help the fans with the transformations of a lifetime. When you find out more about the makeovers that change the life of people, you will be watching the following episode again and again. The first lady appeared on the show with a group of friends. She is a mother of five, but she has no time to treat herself. When she was chosen for a transformation, the woman could not hide her emotions.

The dress and the overall look turned out to be stunning. They gave her the right amount of chic and style that she always needed. Now, the lady is so classy that you won’t be able to stop cheering for her. However, mom of five was only the beginning of the series of stunning makeovers that will turn your notions of beauty upside down.

The next guest, Michelle, decided to arrive in New York City with her son. The young man seemed so supportive that the hosts of Today decided that he needs to hold back his feelings because the reaction of the guy was truly genuine. His mom was getting ready for the high school reunion.

He had her own reservations as to how the transformation would go, but she never expected to be looking at a young beauty in the mirror. The stylists did their best to choose the most suitable look for the woman. She confessed that she needs to run the show at the reunion and generally make an impression, that’s why she arrived on Today for the makeover of a dream.

The reaction of her son says it all. He can’t believe that this is his mom, blowing us away with her looks. She is literally twenty years younger now that she sat down with the professionals, who took the makeover in their own hands. The transformation is so insane that the viewers can’t stop cheering for the lady.

Michelle has got impressive plans for the reunion, and it is only fitting that she entered the studio, showing off the outfit and the hairstyle that can turn heads. Prepare for an emotional overload as you watch the episode and don’t forget to check out the best makeovers of the month!