Mother and Son Earn Golden Buzzer with Touching Performance of ‘You Are the Reason’. Watch


Simply beautiful!

Ireland’s Got Talent has had its moments, but there are still phenomenal auditions that leave a trace in the hearts of the viewers and make us overwhelmed with joy the second we see the performers on stage. The same can be said about the duo you are going to see next.

These people prove that you can overcome trouble if you have a strong will and determination to change everything for the best. When Sharon and Brandon step out on stage for a performance of a lifetime, everyone knows that this audition is going to be truly special. However, the audience is left in shock as soon as mother and son share their story with the crowd.

The family members have been singing as a team since Brandon could utter his first words, so it is natural for them to be in a close union. They decided to sign up for the auditions after the family near lost their boy. They received a phone call saying that Brandon was transported to the hospital bed since he was in the worst health condition imaginable.

The doctors did not give much hope to his mother, so they were allowed to come in the room and say good-bye to the guy. However, he managed to pull through and overcome his condition, which was a revelation for those, who had been taking care of him for a long time. Brandon now says that he already considers himself to be a winner as he appears on stage and stands next to his mom.

This was definitely a moment to behold for all the viewers, but before they could say a word, the host of the show gave the Golden Buzzer to the duo that certainly deserved it. These performers managed to move the audience with the heartfelt rendition and kept singing despite the ordeals that they had to go through on the way to recovery.

You are going to be delighted when you discover them below. Get ready to witness the stars of the stage and do not forget to check out the audition today. It is currently making rounds on the media, and the judges are left in awe as they see that the vocalists are making an impression on those around them. Prepare to be smitten by the rendition!