Morgan Freeman Talks Science While Sucking Helium On Late Show. Hilarious!


Love this show! And Morgan is my favorite actor.

The really famous show “The tonight show with Jimmy” and one of the most famous actors Morgan Freeman. What can be more perfect? How not strange Jimmy always picks up exactly those characters of his show, which you really would like to see.

Morgan Freeman is a man who is known for everything due to his acting. If you don’t remember why, I will remind you. Further praise followed for his role in the slave tale of Amistad , he was a worried US President facing Armageddon from above in Deep Impact. Following an appearance opposite Renee Zellweger in director Neil LaBute’s Nurse Betty, Freeman would return to the role of detective Alex Cross in the Kiss the Girls sequel Along Came a Spider.

Freeman continued to keep a high profile moving into the new millennium with roles in such thrillers as The Sum of All Fears and Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher . In 2005, Freeman won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby.

And although he is already 81 years old, he still has a good sense of humor. This is what Jimmy used in his show. Jimmy began to talk about science, and especially about helium. You can already guess what will be in the video.

Everyone knows what will happen if you type helium into your mouth. The voice immediately becomes ridiculous. Therefore, to raise the mood, Jimmy took out two red balls. One for himself and the other for Morgan.

Ooh, this is a very funny dialogue between two adult men with children’s voices. What can be funnier and nicer at the same time. Just look and laugh with all your heart. After all, you do not often see how a person has an Oscar and a respected person in the world talking in a child’s voice.

It is worthy of your attention. The video is waiting for your viewing.