38 Ways to Earn Money for a Teenager


Everyone needs money, but what if you are a teenager, mom doesn’t give you the pocket money, you don’t have an education and you can’t get a common job?
There is always a solution, do not worry. You have to remember one thing “If you really want to earn money, act and look for the all ways to get them”.

1. Try to get a common job (most teens get a job in the fast food restaurants as cashiers or waiters)

2. There are a lot of apps, that offer to earn money with simple tasks. Try it.

3. Play games and earn money. There are the huge amount of games, in which the creators offer to play and at the same time earn, it is not so much, but it’s money.

4. Try to go to some different companies and offer your help as an assistant (I am sure, that every company needs help, even the smallest one).

5. If you have any talent, try to show it to the public. As usual, It helps young artists to demonstrate their talent and earn some money.

6. Wash cars. Go to a car wash and offer your help. You can also wash cars in the traffic jams, taking your bucket and rag.

7. Become a postman. This work is not complicated and quite interesting. You just have to ride a bike and deliver mail. By the way, it’s well paid.

8. If you like animals, there is one job, that you will definitely like. Everything is simple. Walking with dogs and get paid, but there is one unpleasant moment. Poop will have to be cleaned.

9. Often at school or in college, teenagers do not do their homework, but everyone wants to get a good grade. You can help your friends to get a good grade and make some money.

10. Work as a nanny. Parents are often at work and do not have time to give due attention and care to the children, therefore they hire a nanny. Teenagers love children. Children are tiny friends.

11. Gardening is no worse than previous ones. What should you do? Look after the flowers, mow the grass, pick up the fruits and vegetables.

12. Clean up the house. You clean your room every week. It will not be difficult for you to clean another house, especially when it’s paid.

13. Care for the elderly. People in years need help, because of their weakness or illness, they can’t buy food, clean up apartment, even cook food. It’s hard. They are, obviously, ready to pay for this care.

14. Work as a photographer. It does not require education and you can gain experience in the process of shooting. Sell simple photos and get simple money.

15. Sell clothes, that you don’t wear. Clean it up and place them on some website. You can also do the same with your old toys.

16. There is such a thing. You can write comments for the money. Creators tell you a topic for which you need to write and you have to do it. For one comment you will get the tiny amount, but if you write 100 comments, it’s already something.

17. There is a similar program like in 16 item but with likes. In this one you need to like more than 100 pictures or videos. Likes are cheaper than comments, although each developer has their own rules. You need to search.

18. Very easy to make soap and body scrubs at home. They can be made from improvised means such as coffee. From coffee you can get an unrealistically cool scrub and if you add coconut, it’s gonna be wonderful.

19. For girls-needlewomen it will be cool to make different bracelets and necklaces from materials, that cost a penny. For example: beads, rope, stones.

20. If you are an original person and you have a lot of ideas in your head. Maybe you even dream of becoming a designer. It’s time to start. Buy the cheapest monochromatic t-shirt and make a masterpiece of it. Then sell it.

21. Get rid from the unnecessary paper. You hand over paper to the recycling center and you get some money for this activity. Give the unnecessary and get the money. Isn’t it cool?

22. There are, also, factories, that accept plastic. You can pick up the plastic things in your neighborhood and get paid for it the same way.

23. Cooking. Cook some food( desserts demand is higher)and sell it. For selling you can create your own website or profile in Instagram and prepare what you do the best!

24. If you don’t know, how to cook and the smell of food attracts you. There is a solution for you. Food delivery. You pick up the order and take it to the destination. You even can get a tip for your fast delivery.

25. In this item we will talk about work, which is not easy. It is only suitable for guys. A loader is a job for physically prepared guys. Loaders usually transport various stuffs, furniture or help people with moving. This job is well paid, but it is very hard. You have to think a few times before choosing of this way to earn money.

26. Territory cleaning. This is actually the great job, maybe a little dirty, but you benefit to nature and people. During working you realize, that you are making this world a better place and at the same time you get some money.

27. You have probably seen a man near the offices of your city, who cleans the shoes. So, it does not require any knowledge. You take and do it. Maybe businessmen will leave you $ 10 without change. Who knows?

28. Do you love sport? Teach others, but get paid for it.

29. Do you know a foreign language? You can teach children. Parents wants, that their kid knows more and because of this reason they hire a lot of teachers. Who knows the language better, than the person, who has just mastered it.

30. Maybe it’s time to open your own business? Create something new and tell it to the world. Create the product and sell it through your own site or social network. (You can do the product by your hands).

31. Instagram and Facebook advertising. You can learn, how to work with an advertising account and teach the rest people. For money, obviously.

32. You can also learn, how to create masks for instagram through YouTube. Now it is in the high demand and people don’t want to spend their time for this, so you can create masks for instagram and get enough money for this deal.

33. Do you love music and dancing until the morning? DJ is your profession. If you really want to become a DJ , go to the any nightclub and study this art from the professional. What’s gonna be further? In a couple of months or even less you will be the king of the dj remote.

34. In the winter time you can work as a snow cleaner. People really appreciate this profession, because the roads totally in the snow and there is no way to pass without these guys.

35. Maybe do you want to help the sick people? You can try to work as a nurse in a hospital. This job is paid and every day you will help doctors with their working requests and patients with their desires.

36. Do you want to become a hairdresser or makeup artist in the future? You have a chance to start right now. Make your first projects for your friends and this way you can force up your skills level.

37. Work as a seller. This work will help you to develop your trading skills, communication with people and earn some money.

38. If you have an ocean nearby, become a surf instructor. You will enjoy the process and make money at the same time.

Above I told you about 38 ideas of earning money for a teenager. However, this is far from the end. Teenagers are very smart guys, who can find the huge amount of ways to earn money. The main thing is to sit down and think “What do you really want to do?“.
These kinds of job can help you in the future, it can give you some new skills and experience, but what’s the most important is money. You will be capable to earn.