How did I become a model?


I hadn’t childhood. I had the parents, who adhered the strict rules and moral values. I had to study, cook, clean up the house very well. This is all because of their desire to find a good worthy man for me in the future. But what did I want? They didn’t care.
Every time after finishing of doing housework, I locked myself in the room and started crying. “I tired. I tired of this life and these rules!”

I didn’t want to get married or moreover have family with unknown person. No. I loved books and magazines. I had only one wish. Become a writer or appear in some pages.
I decided to act. I ran away from home and settled in a woman house. She lived in 2 kilometers from my place.


I told her my story and it scared her. She couldn’t imagine, that people still keep these rules. This woman’s name was Chloe, she worked in a local newspaper as a writer. Chloe was very talented and interesting person. She taught me writing. I was so happy, that I did everything, what I wanted . I’m very grateful to her for helping me and for being with me.
Some times later I started to write. I wrote for other magazine, unlike Chloe. It was foreign.

I wrote for 3 years and, suddenly, I received an invitation from my director. When I came, he told me, that the model, who usually was in the cover is very sick and he asked me to help him. Of course, I agreed. The shooting was awesome and very interesting. We made cover for the spring season and I was totally in flowers. When shooting was finished, my director was admired and he really desired, that I was the main model in this magazine.
If you only know, how unexpectedly it was. “Life is getting better” I said. However I couldn’t even imagine how much better.

My leadership invited me to a charity event, there is the huge amount of important people.
At this event a young man from France met me, he was the head of the local newspaper in France. We talked for hours and I found out, that a French clothing brand needs a model for the demonstration of their dresses. It was the great opportunity for me, that more people noticed me.

Obviously, I went to France. I participated in that show and the main designer liked me as a model. He said: “If you really want to be a famous model, I can help you. You will be my angel. Angel amongst my common models”

I’m so happy, that I did it. I’m so happy, that I’ve got everything, what I wanted.
I’m grateful my parents for my life and, of course, to Chloe for being with me.