Meteorologist Tries Not to Laugh But Can’t Stop Laughing, and So Do We. Watch the Video



TV conductors are often perceived as people who do their job without getting distracted. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. Some days, the reporters cannot deliver the news without laughing out loud. The subject of the weather forecasts may not be the theme that inspires merry thoughts, but the video below will confirm your suspicions: there are TV conductors out there who do not usually stick to the rules when it comes to broadcasting.

The trio that is present in the studio seemed to get excited at the sight of the Statue of Liberty. They could not stop giggling when they introduced the information to the viewers. The meteorologist that was standing next to the ladies reacted in the most unexpected way possible and chuckled all the way through the program.

The presenters are not supposed to smile a lot as they deliver the news, but when the tradition is broken every now and again, the report becomes even more thrilling. The same happens below, and you will certainly agree that the forecast is even more exciting once it is delivered with a smile and a good attitude.

Though the presenter is doing his best to remain professional, he just can’t help himself as the ladies continue to laugh. There are many times when a cheerful reaction does not correspond to the situation, introduced in the report, but this is certainly not the case.

If you are looking for something that can lift your mood for the entire week, we think that we have found the tape that has every chance to become your favorite one on the media. These guys are not afraid to show their emotions on camera. The whole country may be watching them at the moment, but they do not seem concerned.

This is the episode that was captured by their coworkers and uploaded on the social accounts to show the world that the conductors can have fun as well as any other people, working on television. The meteorologist is smiling, and it is impossible to maintain a serious face as you watch him below. This is a scene to behold!