Max the Cockatoo Throws Hilarious Tantrum When Finds Out He’s Going to the Vet


This made me happy.

Thanks for sharing!Pets are not humans but they also display strong personalities like we may do. It concerns not only cats or dogs but also such animals as snakes, parrots, hamsters or even a salamander.

All animals are interesting in different ways. Therefore, everybody who wants to add some spices to his or her life should carefully choose the animal as a pet. Pets living with humans for a particular period can have some similarities to their owners not only physically but also emotionally.

Living with and caring for them can be a great experience and very entertaining. While browsing in YouTube you may find thousands of videos where pet owners record their little friend’s amusing tricks and humorous incidents to share with the world.

Let’s talk about some specific kind of pet — Cockatoo. Don’t let their bland coloring fool you though; cockatoos have very colorful personalities. They are known for being smart, curious, and very loving. What is really funny is that cockatoos are often called “love sponges”!

They want to be around their master all the time and enjoy nothing more than a good cuddle with their favorite human. All these things make them interesting and turn every day into a little surprise. Today everything can be okay, but next day could have a lot of unexpected and hilarious moments, like those in the video.

A wonderful white cockatoo decided that he did not want to visit a veterinarian and what we have as a result – of course, a storm of emotions. Parrot has a quarrel with his owner. We can observe how this small pet scream “I don’t wanna” and “What did I say”. He is really angry and this causes laughter. It is very interesting to see how the bird is trying to be strict and confronts his owner.

This video is admirable. It can be reviewed several times and will still provoke genuine laughter. Watch it and cheer yourself up for the whole day.