Marine Son Surprises Mother for Christmas and Her Reaction Will Bring Tears of Joy to Your Eyes. Watch


So emotional!

This mom got a pleasant surprise for Christmas when she reunited with her beloved son, who was deployed in Florida. The Marine came home to spend time with his nearest and dearest, and he wanted his arrival to be as unusual as they make them. Ethan can be seen sneaking up behind his mother while she has no idea what is going on in the background.

She seems to be distracted by other matters, but after a tap on the shoulder, the woman turns around to see her son standing right in front of her. This is a heartwarming moment for the two, and the reunion might be one of the best scenes that the viewers can come across on the social media. The woman does not hold back the emotions as she spots the young man next to her.

The jubilant then let out a pure cry of joy which is paired with a warm hug and a kiss, enough to make the skeptics melt. When they say that military reunions are the best, you have to agree. Ethan has a twin brother who could not make it home on holidays, but the family is hoping that the siblings would meet one day to celebrate Christmas together.

Mom had no idea that Ethan is planning to visit before the holidays. When asked about the date of his arrival, the man appeared hesitant and unsure. However, this turned out to be a part of the plan, and the mother’s reaction says it all. She is wrapping her hands around Ethan’s neck and showing him that she is overjoyed to meet him.

The episode gained many comments from those, who can relate to the scene, and we are more than sure that this was the best gift for mom from Tennessee. She was completely unaware of what is going on in the house, and when her son arrived to shower her with hugs and kisses, she was overwhelmed with emotions.

This was definitely a moment to behold, and if you are a fan of the reunions that can warm you on a cold day, you will surely appreciate the tape. Ethan is no less thrilled by his mom’s reaction, and together, they make the episode simply unforgettable. Click on the video to learn it yourself!