Man Touches the Judges’ Souls With His Amazing “Jealous” Cover by Labrinth.


He made me cry. Very moving.

Unfortunately, the world has become very cruel and people are susceptible to all the negative aspects that make this life even worse. But luckily in the world there are such people as Marcio Donaldson. They give hope and inspire for something good.

The character of our video is not only a really talented man but also the person who has a huge kind heart. Marcio is 28 years old, and music is the important part of his life. At first sight, you can think that he is a simple American man who decided to test his abilities in American Idol 2018.

But you are mistaken. His life was typical before the moment, which changes everything. His sister got pregnant. Dealing with her drug addiction, Marcio’s sister was deemed unable to take care of her newborn son, Rashaad.

Donaldson understood that this baby needed family love and if his sister cannot give it, he can. He became his own nephew’s new most caring father. When Marcio entered to the studio of American Idol, Rashaad was in his arms . And during the whole performance he was nearby.

The song, which Marcio chose is a beautiful rendition of Labrinth’s “Jealous”. What was amazing that not only Marcio’s story astonished the judges’ hearts but his voice did it too. While Luke Bryan held Rashaad in his arms, Marcio started to sing.

The performance was really charming. What was impossible to leave unnoticed – the contact between the baby’s and Marcio’s eyes, which was throughout the entire song. The song was devoted to this pretty child. And when the jury announced the results, Marcio could not hold back his tears.

It’s possible to talk about this performance and the story behind it for a very long time but it’s better to see it and hear it yourself. It’s hard to describe the emotions experienced during this video. I just want to say that this is an example of the fact that you do not need to be such tough-as-nails.

And it is easy to do some good deeds in your life. Just enjoy this video.