Man Shows Incredible Acrobatic Skills And Absolutely Stuns the Audience.


This got me tearing up.

Acrobatics is a sport, a type of gymnastics, which includes exercises for flexibility, agility, jumping, balancing and strength. This type of physical activity is not available for everyone, it requires physical fitness, health and constant training under the guidance of a professional.

Therefore, it is recommended to do acrobatics from an early age. Having made even a small break in training, a person will not be able to return to shape. Acrobatics originated a long time ago. According to the images on the preserved vessels, monuments, frescoes, it is established that it was known in Ancient Egypt around 2300 BC.

Folk festivals did not do without acrobatic performances. In ancient Greece, acrobatic exercises were also practiced, as evidenced by archaeological excavations. In addition, traces of this sport are found in Crete, Knossos, Agia Triada. In 420 BC, a dance with elements of acrobatics on a spinning pottery wheel was widespread in Rome. Acrobats and magicians lived in the houses of rich Romans.

There is historical information about acrobats who performed flexible exercises on a pole. Sports acrobatics. Combines several programs: doubles, jumping and group. In the jumping program, the athlete performs tricks on a track 30 m long. In group and pair acrobatics, the exercises are performed in groups or pairs.

Teams can be same-sex or mixed. Circus acrobatics. This type of gymnastics includes several types: air, jumping, power acrobatics. Special acrobatics. Appointed to train athletes who dance or other sports. What are the health benefits of acrobatics? Train muscles, develop endurance and strength.

Gives the body flexibility. Improves coordination of movements, orientation in space. Strengthens the vestibular apparatus and immunity. Improves metabolism and cardiovascular function. In the video below you will see incredible acrobatics skills.