Man Shared $22M Jackpot With Friend To Keep the Old Promise.


Good idea I think!

Hello friends! And today we are going to talk about two amazing man who are friends till the end of all the time! Why do we say that? You will get to know right now! The man who won 22 million $ jackpot decided to share it with his best friend just to keep the 30 years old promise he gave. Their names are Thomas Cook and Joseph Feeney.

Thomas gave the promise in 1992. The promise was: if some one of them will ever won the jackpot it will be splitted. They shook hands in late 90s and gave promise to each other. For 28 years Mr Cook was keeping the promise in his mind. But this year in June he bought a ticket with a prize of 22 Million jackpot.

This happened at the gas station in in Menomonie. He was very excited when his first see those numbers of the ticket and he got frozen! He past the ticket to his wife. When she saw those lucky ticket, she also was frozen. It was a shock for them both! When Mr Cook realize that he is a winner he called his friend just to tell this is amazing news!

Of course his friend Feeney thought that the Cook was just joking. They have been buying the tickets during many years every day and nothing happened. But the Cook reminded him about the promise and told him that that really happened and the handshakes means the handshake! Good friends were very happy!

Because it’s a true miracle, how do you think? This chance is very rare! It’s almost impossible to win the big prize like this. The story of these two man makes us believe that miracles can happen. Of course it depends on luck but we have to believe and never give up! It took them 28 years to get that prize.

You can’t buy the happiness for your money. But they won’t be superfluous to make your life better. You can get no more details of this story from the video below. Press the play button and leave some comments!