Man Plays Piano Beautifully, Until Stranger Joins And Completely Changes It Up


I have watched this video approximately 200 times!

The world is brimming with sounds, yet no one but specialists can make craftsmanship. Music addresses individuals with a widespread dialect, so they mix splendidly. It achieves human affectability and moves it, regardless of what social circle somebody originates from. It is the fastener of numerous gatherings and subcultures, and has awesome impact.

Dialects and letter sets change with scopes, yet music notes don’t. This makes performers, even from two distinct finishes of the globe, can get along without words. A grand piano in a public place will not surprise those who are used to traveling the world.

Such tools can be seen at railway stations and airports of many large cities. Anyone can play on them, and not always touch the skillful fingers.

But the passengers of one of the stations in Paris are lucky, and this day they will never forget. old and tired tool, finally bored, and waited for his brilliant performers. The guy opened the lid and took the first chords, after which the stranger behind his shoulder began to play along, more than improvising to the desired harmony.

There was nothing left for the environment but to be heard. Gerard Plato Daro and Nassim Zaoche became a sensation thanks to this video. Until that meeting, they did not know each other.

It was the piano player Nassim Zaouche from Algeria. The man, supported by the Spaniard’s amusement, chosen to go along with him. Despite the fact that the refined men had never met and did not converse with each other, they coexisted well with the console!

It just took their music, which affirms the postulation that nothing on the planet is as widespread as the medium of music. They are like having conversation with each other using the piano. This is just amazing how music brings people together like this. Speaking the same language.

Their joint performance of the composition “Morning” by Ludovico Einaudi at the Paris station was a real gift for the audience. Young musicians once again proved how much music is able to unite our hearts, erasing all differences and boundaries. With such masters even the station will turn into a fairy tale!