Man Bursts into Tears When His Son Says “Dad, This Is Your New House”. Watch


So sweet!

Charles Green was mostly known for his role as Angry Grandpa in the pranks that were staged by his son Michael, but he had nothing but joy expressed for his son and his gift when he learned about it a few years ago.

The emotional scene was recorded by Michael’s girlfriend, Bridgette. Charles was certain that they were looking for a new home his son would buy for himself, but he certainly did not expect the events to unravel in the way you will see below.

Everyone loves a surprise once in a while, but this man was definitely taken aback when he found out that this was not one of his son’s usual pranks. The man arrived at the place, convinced that he is about to check on the house for Michael and Bridgette.

However, this was not the initial plan that entered the mind of a guy. He had a more elaborate idea in mind, and when Charles realized what it was, he couldn’t hide his emotions anymore. You need to get ready for the overload of feelings that is present in the video.

Those of you, who are not familiar with Angry Grandpa, will certainly appreciate the honesty of this decent man, who is known for his temper tantrums and rages that are regularly displayed on camera.

However, this was not the time to express these emotions when it came down to pure joy that experienced by father and son. Dad was taken to see the house under the pretenses that this was intended to be the mansion for the young couple.

Charles is checking out the interior of the building and telling his son that he loves it. The roominess of the bathroom and spaciousness of the living room stun the man at once, and he speaks up when it comes to voicing his opinion about the entire property.

It is the moment when Michael reveals the true purpose of the visit, adding that he and Bridgette had chosen the house, especially for the dad. It takes a few seconds for Charles to let the feeling sink in, and then the revelation happens. This is definitely a scene to behold, and we think that this is something every parent deserves. Press play to check this out below!