Lucy and Deril From Italy Show Spectacular Dance Routine at the Championship.


This dog is incredibly smart!

Dog is a man’s best friend. They are very clever and understand everything you tell them. Dogs are very active, friendly assistants for humans and some dogs also like to dance. We bring to your attention one of such cheerful and faithful dogs. This is a wonderful German Shepherd Dog, her name is Deril.

They, along with their equally charming hostess Lusy Imbergerova from Italy. They arrived in Moscow to show their dance on FCI Dog dance World Championship from 23 –to 26 June 2016.

German Shepherds were originally working dogs, for herding sheep and protection of livestock. These dogs have a very big popularity all over the world and are involved in various spheres of human life.

They can be assistants for the disabled, rescuers, policemen and military. German Shepherd Dog loves to play different rolling games and execute commands. They quickly remember and do everything to which they were taught. Furthermore, these dogs are very large, beautiful and faithful.

The participants can compete in two categories: freestyle and heelwork to music. This is a freestyle performance in the finals, where only the ten best participants were competing. During the performance, the dog and the handler move very harmoniously to the music.They perform complex movements easily and creatively, demonstrate a well-coordinated teamwork.

The dog is well trained and performs all the commands of her mistress. This couple looks very artistic, athletic and does everything in the style of interpreting the theme of music. On all moves, the dog and handler team moves as a unit during the presentation, demonstrating creativity in many positions and behaviors. It is not surprising that this pair won the second place in the final freestyle among the best.

Let’s look together and be happy for this pair, because they are worthy of it!